Online design

Remote makeover

Would you like to receive design advice to make one or more of your rooms? I propose a 100% remote solution.

Design makeover

e-Book design

Via an illustrated book of about 15 pages (sketches, pictures, photos, 3D plans), I formalize your project for the room of your choice in decoration and interior design.

Following a telephone exchange to clarify and define your expectations, I will send you your project within approximately 2 weeks. It is designed in total collaboration with you according to your expectations, your tastes, your way of life and your budget.

In order to best meet your expectations, the first step will be to know you thanks to my contact questionnaire.

Upon receipt and planning of your project in interior decoration, we agree to a telephone meeting to answer your questions, your desires and refine your needs. Then you choose the design solution that suits you.

Duration : 2 to 3 weeks

Price : depending on the surface to be designed

  • 1 space makeover : 350 €
  • spaces makeover : 500 €
  • 3 spaces makeover : 650 €


Deliverables : Sending by e-mail of your decoration project including :

  • proposal for the layout of your room (sketches, 3D plans)
  • a selection of colors
  • a shopping list (furniture, lighting, decorative objects ...)
  • an estimate of the overall budget (excluding works)

Online home staging



e-Home staging
It is a deco solution guiding the actions you will have to undertake, in all rooms of your home, to better sell or rent your property. Thanks to the Home Staging, you prepare your property for sale in order to highlight it, to erase its defects and create the "crush" effect. Home Staging allows you to sell your property better and faster by depersonalizing it.

After a telephone exchange and several mails, I will send you an illustrated book of 15 pages minimum formalizing the changes to make.

Duration : 2 weeks

Price : 450 €

Deliverables : Sending by e-mail of your Home Staging project including :

  • proposals to rearrange your rooms (sketches, plans) to de-clutter the space
  • a selection of colors
  • a shopping list (furniture, lighting, decorative objects ...), to depersonalize your interior at a lower cost
  • an estimate of the overall budget (excluding works)
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